Cedomon ®

Cedomon® is a biological and environmentally friendly seed treatment. The active ingredient is a naturally occurring soil bacterium (Pseudomonas chlororaphis). Approved for: barley, oats.

Cedomon is:

  • Effective against several seed-borne diseases on barley and oats.
  • Environmentally friendly, contains a naturally occurring bacterium and environmentally friendly ingredients.
  • Permitted for use in organic farming.
  • User and work environment friendly because you do not have to deal with chemical substances and also avoid the dust from chemically treated seeds. The product binds dust particles.
  • Not to be considered as environmentally hazardous goods during transport.
  • Permitted for use in KRAV-certified production.


Cedomon® treated seed can be stored, transported and handled as ordinary seed. Treatment with Cedomon® does not reduce seed treatment capacity. However, in many cases capacity increases. The product can be used in most seed treatment equipment. In some cases, the equipment needs to be adjusted to cope with the product's viscosity and the recommended dosage of 7.5 liters / tonne of seed.

The product can be stored in unopened packaging in + 4C to + 8C for 8 weeks after delivery. It can be stored at room temperature for up to three weeks before use. All packaging is marked with a best before date. The product needs to be stirred before use. Partial emptying of packaging is not recommended.

The treated seed can be stored for up to one year. Bioagri further recommends that the health of the seed is analyzed before treatment. Particular attention should be paid to the presence of Loose smut in barley (Ustilago nuda) as Cedomon® is not sufficiently effective against this pathogen.

Research and background for Cedomon®

Cedomon® is the result of more than ten years of intensive research and testing at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, SLU, followed by several years of product development by Lantmännen Bioagri AB. Cedomon® is currently approved in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Spain and Germany. Cedomon® will be approved in more European countries as the country's authority approves the product.

A large proportion of Swedish barley seed is treated with Cedomon®. Since its launch in 1997, a total of over 2 million hectares have been sown with Cedomon-treated seeds in several countries.

Make a seed drill calibration on treated seed

For those of you who use Cedomon® treated seed, it is important to make a seed drill calibration to adjust sown amount.

Keep in mind:

  • That the output needs to be set up slightly, about 5% in relation to untreated.
  • That sometimes, a repeated calibration is required after 1-2 fillings.
  • That the amount of seed can be changed if you change to another seed lot or other seed treatments.