The world's cleanest seed!

Unique heat treatment method provides healthy and viable seeds for conventional and organic cultivation.

ThermoSeed is:

  • A competitive alternative to chemical seed treatment in conventional cultivation
  • Effective against infection and gives a harvest level at least in class with chemical treatment
  • Effective seed treatment also in organic farming
  • Very good effects against seed-borne diseases in cereals
  • Outstanding vigor in growing plants
  • No products on the seed means that:
    • Leftover seeds are not chemical waste
    • Leftover seeds can be used e.g. as feed material
  • Effective against stock damage insects e.g. grain weevil (Sitophilus granarius)

For natural growth

ThermoSeed is a type of pasteurization where warm, moist air neutralizes the infection on and in the seed, without compromising the germination and pushing power of the seeds. On the contrary, the germination process is stimulated, which gives stronger and more viable plants.

For a highly productive and environmentally friendly agriculture

ThermoSeed treats seed-borne infections very effectively without the use of chemicals. Thanks to its high efficiency and the outstanding thrust of treated seeds, ThermoSeed competes with and surpasses chemical seed dressing against most diseases in cereals. In addition, the method is effective in a large number of crops, against both fungi, nematodes and insect infestations in the seed. The method is as common in conventional as organic farming.

Buy ThermoSeed treated Seed?

At present, Lantmännen in Sweden produces ThermoSeed seed in its seed plants in Skara, Eslöv and Skänninge.

In Norway, Felleskjöpet Agri produces ThermoSeed seeds in the facility in Holstad and Steinkjer.

Contact your local sales person for current information on the availability of ThermoSeed treated seeds.

Are you a seed producer and interested in Thermoseed technology?

ThermoSeed is today best suited for larger seed producers. If you have questions about the method or are interested in collaboration to test your crops, contact Ola Arwidsson.